What does it take to produce highly efficient smart products? A clear focus on user expectations and the vision of using automation technology to make their world a little bit better. Take a look at where ideas for the future are already becoming reality.

Coming soon to the dentist


Three out of four Germans would not mind if a robot instead of a surgeon were to wield the scalpel during an operation.* Is this all pie in the sky? Experts believe that this could be the case in one to three years. We are actively involved in research in dentistry: Through our cooperation with the Department of Mechatronics and Robotics at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, we are up close and personal with the latest developments.
*Source: Healthcare For The Future, Porsche Consulting, 2017.

Automation technologies. Basta.


A restaurant without cooks? It's already happening in Düsseldorf - in the world's first robot restaurant, there are no humans in the kitchen. But don't worry - the robots aren't coming to replace your favorite Italian. Mostly, they simply take over jobs that are exhausting for us humans or that our automated colleagues are simply better at. We believe automation technologies have endless potential and will change our lives quite a bit in 10 years. For the better. Geek's word of honor.

Science fiction dreams come true


Every day, clever minds around the world are working to ensure that in the future we will be able to drive from A to B in a completely relaxed manner. Freeways without traffic jams? When intelligent technologies control our vehicles, no problem. Soon we'll be able to let go of the wheel and put our feet up. And while we're relaxing, we'll also be doing something for the environment, because autonomous driving also means fewer cars. Which in turn means fewer traffic jams - we can't say no to that.

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