Platine mit chips
Platine mit chips

Device development

Development and industrialization must run in parallel in order to establish yourself in fast-moving markets. With a clear goal in mind and the user's needs in mind, we bring your product efficiently to production maturity.

Team am Tisch

From vision to series production

The design process

We sit down at the desk and ask ourselves: What tasks should the product solve for the user? And how should the user feel about it? If we know this, we check: Is the development feasible at all? If so, we give the go-ahead for the design and testing of the first components.

Hand in hand with our suppliers

CAD design and FEM analyses

CAD design with several complex assembly groups means for suppliers that not only 'technology' is to be found on the computer, but also lots of interfaces. Because we run fast development loops, we don't have a stage-gate process. This means that our suppliers are our partners, even at a very early stage of the process. That makes us efficient.

DMU Maschine ohne Verkleidung

Production in-house

Dynamic prototyping

In-house 3D printers, a workshop and close partnerships help us produce components quickly. What kind of components? For example, milled parts, turned parts, sheet metal, electronic components and molded parts such as elastomers.

Electrotechnical engineering in-house

Design assessment, PCB design and prototyping

In our in-house electronic laboratory, we can produce multilayer printed circuit boards at lightning speed. For this purpose, we cooperate with premium partners in Austria, Germany and Belgium.

DMU Firmwareentwicklung

Develop faster

Own firmware

Developing our own firmware allows us better integration and faster development loops. We have several motor drivers, sensor integration and sensor signal optimization, high frequency drivers and LED controllers.

Respond faster

EMC tests

The electromagnetic compatibility of each component is measured in the TÜV-Süd anechoic chamber and enables us to react appropriately to faults on or in our products. Testing is also important to us at an early stage - especially when it comes to mechanical and electrical components.