What we do?

Dental Automation

… from prototype to series production, preferably in the medical industry. What we can do? Device development. Machining technology. Collaborative robotics. When it comes to digitizing dentistry, we are among the best in the world.
Our Vision
Dental Manufacturing Unit

Our formula for a better world

Technology + people =
Something really big

What happens when machines take over our work? We have more time to do the quality work that only we humans can do. Our technologies bring safe medical solutions to more people - and through their efficiency, even at a lower price. We believe: support from smart technologies helps us all.
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Geeks wanted

Or in other words: var we = DMU.join(you); 
What happens when engineers and geeks turn their passion into a profession? Clearly: Gimmicks lead to innovations, because only people who are passionate about what they do work for us.

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