Kollaborative Robotik
Kollaborative Robotik

Collaborative robotics

Working side by side with a robot? In times of artificial intelligence and digitization, the working world of tomorrow is also changing. In the area of "Collaborative Robotics and Machine Vision", we are working on concrete solutions for this.

Team am Tisch

Artificial and human intelligence

Mechatronic assistance systems

Supporting people, but not replacing them: Together with the Department of Mechatronics and Robotics at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, we are working on new applications for mechatronic assistance systems in medical technology. This also includes machine vision systems.

Platine mit Vergrößerungsglas

Recognize, process & use

Computer Vision

When the robot is in no way inferior to the human eye: Machine vision is primarily responsible for a robot's ability to perceive, evaluate and provide feedback on image material. How does that work exactly?

What does that look like in concrete terms?

Computer Vision 101

This is how it works: First, the system collects images. Then it uses algorithms to recognize patterns, objects or movements and classifies them. We optimize these evaluation systems and make them robust, for example, against external influences such as dirt and changes in lighting conditions.

How do we implement this?  We use different open source systems, such as OpenCV, TensorFlow and PyTorch, as frameworks for machine vision and artificial intelligence. When done right, collaborative robotics and machine vision can solve complex business problems.

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