We develop machining processes for medical materials. We are particularly interested in the processing of ceramic materials (glass and oxide ceramics, hybrid ceramics). Just like methods for thermoforming of medically approved plastics.

Good automation processes

CNC/PLC parameterization

What does a good automation process need? Sure, a clean and stable PLC project that drives the core logic of axis, IOs and basic behavior.

Lightning fast HSC milling

Electric drive dynamics

State-of-the-art HSC milling machines need one thing above all: high feed rates of the moving TCP (Tool Center Point). Because that means higher cutting speeds and better cutting conditions. The bottom line is that this allows us to produce components faster and with lasting quality. Bonus: Machine service life is maintained.

Compensation layers

Axis transformation and virtualization

Up to nine compensation layers improve mobility and ensure smooth axis movement. How fast does this work? The layers are all applied simultaneously and in real time (<1 msec).


What might such compensation layers look like?


Let's take volumetric compensation. First of all, there is no such thing as a perfectly designed axis system. That is why, in practice, every machine is unique. This results in small deviations. What do we do with them? Exactly, we compensate for them by correcting the axis angle values and backlash.

Second example: temperature compensation: even in the smallest space, thermal expansion makes a big difference. Since temperatures can be measured precisely nowadays thanks to IR cameras, we can include them: We project the effects on the transformation. Problem solved, position stability guaranteed.

How does visualization come into play now?

It is, so to speak, the digital twin of the motion system. This is indispensable for dynamic development, because virtualization allows us to make rapid runs - and prototype-independent.

One of our specialties

CAM integration

Briefly explained: Every CNC interprets NC code lines generated by hand or by CAM software. Integrating CAM software into a moving system is one of the core competencies of our development team.