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LAC - Laser Aligner Cutter

The future of
Aligner manufacturing

Beautiful and healthy teeth are among our most important beauty ideals today. For a winning and radiant smile, more and more adults are undergoing aesthetic dental treatment.

They have needs: Tooth correction should be as invisible and quick as possible. This is why treatment with clear aligners is becoming increasingly popular with patients. This also creates the need for ever more efficient production solutions for dental laboratories and dental practices.

With the LAC (Laser Aligner Cutter), it is possible for the first time to produce clear aligners that do not require any additional post-processing after cutting.

This saves time and personnel resources. The LAC is easy to use and the integrated control system takes care of all the tasks.


“All you have to do is remove the finished aligner - every minute.”

LAC - Separator

Aligner separation
made easy

Clear aligners can be lifted off the model conveniently and non-destructively.

Deep-drawn aligners are often difficult to separate from the model. DMU has now created a solution to this problem with the LAC Separator. With a few simple steps, which can be performed in less than 20 seconds, it is now possible to lift clear aligners from the model conveniently and non-destructively.

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