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DMU is located in Salzburg, right in the heart of Austria. The city is well known for its beautiful old-town, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, and for its deep cultural roots. Close to the Alps, both summer sports and skiing are only separated by a few months, but not by any real geographical distance.

Science City

The Science City Itzling is located in the northern part of Salzburg. This part of the city has evolved considerably over the last few years and we feel lucky to be working right next to the university campus and the Departments of Computer Sciences and Materials Science.

Techno-Z at Sciency City Salzburg, Homebase of DMU | Photo: © Techno_Z

Salzburg’s main landmark, the largest intact fortress in Central Europe | Photos: © Salzburg Tourism


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Automation & Robotics

Our focus is on medical product engineering and development of automated processes. We develop reliable and smart products in healthcare.
We love miniaturization, optimization and simplifying complex workflows. We believe technical solutions should be built around people, perfectly integrated in consisting workflows.

What we do